Lutra Associates Relocates to Dorset and Closes Year End for First Years Trading

Consultancy Company Moves To Be Closer to Clients and Associates and Reaches More Confident Financial Outlook Sooner than Expected

In a move designed to bring it closer to customers and its associates Lutra Associates Limited has moved its HQ to Dorset. The move has provided the company with greater capability, better facilities and greater capacity to host meetings and communicate via a faster broadband service.

The move of many of the MOD capability branches out of London to front line commands and other headquarters made the move sensible and cost effective for the company. Journey times to its main clients and contacts have halved, even without traffic jams, with the consequent savings in fuel and time. Faster broadband service provides better communications and time and cost savings.

The company HQ is also now closer to many of the associates and colleagues’ offices and places of work saving further time and money. These larger premises allow meetings to be held without the need for costly and time consuming trips to, through or around London. The closer proximity to customers, both civil and military, has resulted in the ability to more quickly and securely respond to requests to provide advice in sensitive areas. Being closer to potential clients allows the team to keep their fingers on the defence and security pulses more effectively than before.

The result is that more time is spent with and working for clients, which has resulted in the company getting to a confident trading outlook quicker than anticipated. The reduction in costs since the move has allowed more to be achieved.

Commenting on the move and the improvements it brings Tim Otter, Lutra Associates’ Chief Executive, said “When the CBRN situation in Syria was bleak we received a number of requests to provide balanced and sensitive advice about the realities of the situation. Being closer to civil customers has allowed us to deliver this advice securely and quickly and allowed them to make better informed decisions. Proximity to the many military customers and contacts who moved from London means we are better able to deliver what we are contracted for. Being closer to many of our associates can only help. Being in a beautiful part of the UK is the icing on the cake of a successful first year of trading”.

For more details contact:

Tim Otter,
Chief Executive,
Lutra Associates Limited,
T: +441963 458005
M: +447748090802

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