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Why Lutra Associates?

Formed around a core collective of associates/assistant directors, we are a collaboration that together have skills in many disciplines with in depth knowledge and longstanding relationships with key contacts in many areas of defence and security.

We provide skills, resources and capability across the A-Z of defence in UK and internationally. The associates have a depth of knowledge and range of experience and contacts that allow the to; run manufacturing projects, help governments, give practical advice across defence and security, carry out studies, assist with business development and marketing or take the strain for hard pressed defence and security officials, executives and project managers.

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Experience and original thought from CBRN to CIED from VIP protection to security of major crowded events.


We can assist in almost any aspect of government, industry relationships, business development and marketing.


With an accumulation of experience & skill, we will help deal with the problems faced by companies & governments.


Lutra have delivered and implemented many solutions at operational level. See our achievements in 'Latest News'

Our Services

The team at Lutra are used to delivering and implementing solutions that range from national policy through doctrine and strategy to operational procedures in areas as diverse as training, simulation and SWOT analysis of competitor companies.

With a considerable degree of experience in the export and international field the team is particularly well suited to help small and medium companies that might lack the experience, resources or skills to work in the international market and across borders.  Lutra's help can range from export and import activity to export control and licensing to international facilitation.

Operating at any level in a government,company or corporation from head of government and board level to project manager or systems team Lutra is able to help small companies grow and larger companies have a human face. Coupled with an experienced marketing, press, media and communications team Lutra Associates can assist in almost any aspect of government/industry relationships/business development and marketing.


A - Z of Defence & Security

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